REDAVIA is Crowdfunding

REDAVIA’s crowdfunding offers you a rare opportunity to invest where your money matters most!

The € 300,000 total funding from this first campaign allows REDAVIA to accelerate towards our strategic goal of helping over 500 African businesses grow sustainably with 100MWp of installed solar power plants.

Why support REDAVIA?

Helping REDAVIA reach 100MWp of solar power, allows you to:

  • Help save the climate: Help African economies grow sustainably, by reducing over 35,000 tons of CO2 per year

  • Support African communities: Allow businesses to reduce their power cost, employ more people, and generate more wealth locally

  • Generate investment return: Own “Virtual Shares” in REDAVIA with a target pay-out of 2-3 times your initial investment

Support REDAVIA and make your money matter more!

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