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REDAVIA’s crowdfunding gives investors a rare opportunity to have an outsized impact on the path of African sustainable development, while making an attractive, risk-adjusted financial return.


Redavia GmbH (“REDAVIA”)


Participation Rights (“Virtual Shares”)

“Go Live” date:

To be announced


Minimum: € To be announced

Maximum: € To be announced

Investment amount:

Minimum: € To be announced

Maximum: € To be announced
(applies to natural persons only)

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Target: To be announced

Base-case: To be announced

REDAVIA crowd investors receive Virtual Shares in REDAVIA. Like regular shares, Virtual Shares participate in dividend distributions and in changes in REDAVIA’s share price. In case of a sale or Initial Public Offering of REDAVIA’s regular shares (also known as an “Exit”), REDAVIA crowd investors also receive a pro-rata cash return for their Virtual Shares. This is the target scenario to generate a financial return for REDAVIA’s crowd investors.
If REDAVIA does not achieve an Exit by 31/12/2036, virtual shareholders can terminate their investment, and – subject to the profits/losses of the company – receive their investment amount plus base-case annual interest back in cash. This is the base-case scenario to secure a financial return for REDAVIA’s crowd-investors:
For further detail on your rights as Virtual Shareholder of REDAVIA, please read FAQs

This investment funds the difference between revenues and expenses of REDAVIA and is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested. The promised return is not guaranteed and can also be lower. The company may not be able to pay-out the due investment amount plus earned returns because of subordination rules. (Section 12, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Asset Management Act (“Vermögensanlagegesetz”).
For further detail on the risks associated with this investment, please read

In our experience at Lendahand, REDAVIA is a very professional and reliable crowdfunding partner. REDAVIA operates a strong business, has an experienced team, and achieves meaningful impact.

Koen The, Founder & CEO Lendahand

In good company

Since 2010, REDAVIA has already attracted over € 40m of grant, equity, and debt funding commitments from blue-chip institutional investors and thousands of crowd investors to support its mission. This equity crowdfunding follows € 5,3m of equity raised to date.

Africa has the potential to leap-frog the carbon-era. The fast growing demand for energy can be met with cheaper and greener photovoltaics. I therefore support REDAVIA on its mission to provide energy solutions to commercial players.

Carsten Gropp, Innovation Consultant, Angel Investor and Supervisory Board Member of REDAVIA

The entire REDAVIA team works everyday to support African entrepreneurs build a sustainable commercial and industrial system from the ground up. That’s a mission I want to support!

Swetlana Tschulkow, Digital Marketing Manager, REDAVIA

Since 2019, REDAVIA has successfully completed over 20 crowdfunding campaigns on platforms such as,, and These campaigns typically reach their maximum funding level within a few hours or days. This current direct investment opportunity is likely to reach its maximum amount quickly, so pre-register now so you do not miss out on this unique opportunity to make your money matter most and benefit from Africa’s emerging solar-powered economic growth!

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