Our Mission

REDAVIA provides solar power plants to businesses in West and East Africa. With a proven track record in cost-effective, reliable and clean energy, REDAVIA is committed to using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development.

REDAVIA’s crowdfunding campaign offers a rare opportunity to invest where your money matters most.

Investing in REDAVIA allows you to:

  • Support solar power installations for medium-sized businesses in East and West Africa

  • Grow your investment with the rise of Africa’s new urban consumer

  • Invest in shared human aspirations: A prosperous life, clean air, and a stable climate

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Customer Success Story: Exotic Nuts

Exotic Nuts processes and exports macadamia nuts from over 2.000 smallholder farmers in Kenya, employing over 120 people in its factory in Nairobi, Kenya. REDAVIA operates a 48kWp solar power plant on top of Exotic Nuts’ factory under a lease-to-own contract, reducing its power costs and carbon emissions by 19,24%. After the lease tenor of 12 years, Exotic Nuts enjoys cost free power for many more years.

“We aspired to go solar for several years, but – before REDAVIA – the upfront investment was always too high. REDAVIA’s lease-to-own option made solar attainable for us. Solar has helped us reduce power cost, conserve cash, increase production, and expand employment.”

Take a look at the Case-Study: Exotic EPZ

Jane Maigua, Co-founder and CEO of Exotic EPZ Ltd.

Solar metrics simplified

1 kWp
(one Kilo-Watt-Peak) consists
of about 2-3 panels

5 kWp produces
produces enough solar energy per year for 1
GERMAN household

1.000 kWp = 1 MWp

Africa Rising

Now is a pivotal moment in Africa’s history. Key large metropolitan areas, such as Accra, Nairobi and Lagos, have lifted large parts of their people out of poverty and made headway on the path towards industrialization.

This is a new, more optimistic African reality: A rising tide of urban middle-income families, achieving a prosperous life, higher education, and well-paid employment in an industrializing economy. This new urban wealth also reduces poverty in peri-urban and rural areas, for example through remittances to rural family members, local value-added processing of crops, and better-paid employment beyond farming. This pivotal moment offers a historic opportunity to build a climate-positive economic system from the ground up and fast-forward beyond the fossil-fuel-based industrial systems of Europe, US and most of Asia.

REDAVIA solves the central challenge of building this economy – power supply – by offering clean power for commercial and industrial activity. What’s more, we offer fully-financed, lease-to-own solar energy for Africa‘s medium-sized companies, which – even more than in Europe – are the motor of Africa‘s emerging industrial sector. By solving this central challenge, REDAVIA generates the highest possible leverage to push the rise of Africa towards a climate-positive future.

“Because half of the continent’s potential 2050 greenhouse-gas-emitting industries have not yet been built, Africa has an opportunity to leapfrog more developed nations and build a low-carbon manufacturing sector from the ground up.”

McKinsey Report, Africa’s green manufacturing crossroads, September 2021

Customer Success Story: Regional Maritime University

Regional Maritime University (RMU) is a UN-chartered institution located near Accra, Ghana, providing higher technical education to over 2.000 students from all over West Africa.

REDAVIA installed a 603 kWp solar power plant on the RMU campus to power its classrooms, dormitories, and offices. The solar power plant reduces monthly grid electricity costs and carbon emissions by 48,25%.

REDAVIA has also supported RMU’s newly accredited Master’s in Renewable Energy Program by donating teaching equipment, software, and operational data of the solar plant.

“Since REDAVIA deployed its first solar container, we have had significant cost reductions and those cost reductions have been used in other areas to enhance teaching and learning. Based on the needs of the University, we have had significant, amazing benefits dealing with REDAVIA!”

Take a look at the Case-Study: RMU

Vania Thomas, Director of Finance, Regional Maritime University