International team

Developing Africa’s future leaders

REDAVIA strongly believes in providing opportunities for professional growth and learning to the entire REDAVIA team, and especially to our team-members in Africa. With clear, individualized learning journeys, company-financed access to online training courses (e.g. Coursera), and continuous on-the-job coaching by experienced team-mates, all REDAVIAns can acquire the professional skills needed to lead and succeed in the rapidly globalizing African economy.

“REDAVIA is more than a job! From my first day onward, everyone in REDAVIA’s tight global team has supported me on a rewarding journey of professional learning, growth, and achievement. I am grateful for the platform REDAVIA gives me to shape Ghana’s economy at this pivotal time in our history.”

Celestine Sallah Doe, Sales Director, REDAVIA Ghana since July 2018

“I‘m passionate about powering Africa in a clean, sustainable way. We are lucky that in Africa we can jump straight to powering Africa with clean, sustainable power. This is possible with solar.”

Victor Senkomo, Sr. Engineer, REDAVIA Kenya since September 2019

Living the New Africa

REDAVIA is one integrated global team of 20 committed optimistic realists, dedicated to enabling the rise of Africa’s new urban middle-income families with clean, affordable, and convenient solar power for the medium-sized businesses powering that rise, in order to build a sustainable African industrial economy from the ground up.

Erwin Spolders
CEO and Founder of REDAVIA

  • 15 years of experience in solar and clean-tech
  • Former Director of Q-Cells’ EMEA solar plant business
  • Pioneer of McKinsey & Company’s Sustainability Practice
  • MBA, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Oliver Keilhack

  • 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial finance
  • Former CFO of venture-capital funded high-tech companies (Micropelt , AdnaGen, Trade2B/Synertrade)

  • Former international finance executive at Mannesmann Group
  • MBA, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Ann Karimi
Director of Marketing & Sales Support of REDAVIA

  • 9 years of experience in marketing and sales

  • Specialist for African B2B Marketing and Sales

  • Bachelor of Arts Marketing and Business Administration, Kenya Institute of Management

Affan Ahsan
Director of Operations of REDAVIA

  • 9 years experience in electrical engineering

  • Specialist for solar systems, battery systems, and operations

  • Master in Electrical Power Systems from the TU Dortmund and
    the University of Nottingham, among others